Kryos OÜ

About us

Kryos OÜ is the oldest company based in the Estonian capital that handles the construction and maintenance of heat pumps and refrigeration devices. Our company employs the best specialists in our field, whose training and experiences ensure a constant level of quality for our customers. We have operated in this market and handled the design and construction of refrigeration equipment since 1995.

Our principal activity is the design, import, installation, and maintenance of refrigeration equipment and heat pumps. All of our executive employees have a specialized technical degree.

We have developed a maintenance network, which covers the whole of Estonia. The larger maintenance centers are located in Tallinn and Tartu.


Global warming has received much attention across the globe, and we wish to help stop this process through our work and knowledge.

Our mission is to create energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, and high-quality technical systems, and to provide professional maintenance services.

We produce cold in the best possible meaning of this word: we design technologies that run on environmentally friendly refrigerants like ammonia NH3 and carbon dioxide CO2. Ammonia is a natural refrigerant, the low boiling point of which makes it a highly energy-efficient refrigerant with a minimal environmental impact since it lacks ozone depletion potential and global warming potential.


To act as a designer and builder of innovative and environmentally friendly solutions in Estonia.


We have established a network of partners across Estonia.


Our work is elaborate, effective, and geared at environmental sustainability.


We adhere to the requirements that have been presented to us and the principles of sustainable development.

Design works form a part of our applicable ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, which has been certified by Lloyd’s Register.

The objective of the environmental policy of Kryos OÜ is to ensure environmental sustainability through:

  • adherence to the applicable legislation and the other requirements recognized by us about the environmental aspects of the company;
  • utilization of compliant and environmentally friendly materials, technologies, and equipment;
  • avoidance of contamination and any possible adverse environmental impacts resulting from its activities;
  • reduction of waste and increasing of recycling, where possible;
  • sustainable utilization of all resources;
  • promotion of environmental sustainability among all other interested parties.

  • Feedback

    • AS Balbiino

      “We could not be happier with the team at Kryos. I especially appreciate that they think proactively on all topics and always offer solutions.
      Sometimes these solutions may be more expensive than the offers presented by their competitors, but as a rule, they pay off quickly, and they are yet to disappoint us”

      Martin Visnapuu
      Production and Technical Director
      AS Balbiino

      AS Balbiino
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