Our professional maintenance team designs a personal work and maintenance program for the systems of each customer. We offer different services that improve the work of the refrigeration system:

  • Maintenance and repair of all types of compressors, condensers, water coolers, cooling towers and air coolers
  • Maintenance of ammonia NH3 – R717 systems
  • Separation of water from the ammonia system
  • Certified handling of materials that deplete the ozone layer
  • 24h emergency service for customers with a maintenance contract
  • A personal preventive maintenance program that takes the customer’s needs and equipment into account
  • Inspections, audits and analyses: maintenance, repairs, vibration, chemical analysis of the oil and the refrigerant
  • Certified welders, installers and maintenance workers
  • Certified repairs of the pressurized equipment and replacement of components
  • A parts warehouse that takes into account the customer’s equipment to enable quick repairs

Looking for a solution for saving energy consumed by the cooling/refrigeration device, or for increasing its reliability and efficiency? We perform maintenance work on all types of compressors, refrigeration devices and heat pumps. Should you need maintenance or repair works or a inspection of your system, please leave us a message at or contact us by phone at +372 607 7644