Design work and projects

The basis for all successful solutions is a thorough project. Design work starts with the identification of the needs and the mapping of the situation. In our design work, we use high-quality computer programs, which enable the establishment of energy balances, the identification of load curves, and the drafting of blueprints in the form of 3D models.

Each project assignment is drafted specially for the performance of a specific prescribed technological assignment in an exact and effective manner. We offer design works for both individual parts as well as complete solutions. We design complete solutions that run on NH3, CO2 and synthetic refrigerants.

We create a project for the contracting entity with the required level of accuracy in the form of a preliminary design project, a basic project or as a working project.

In our solutions, we must keep in mind reasonableness, energy efficiency and fit into the environment.

The terms of reference shall act as a reference document for the design work, the necessary form for the drafting of which can be downloaded directly from our website:

The download link for a PDF document containing the terms of reference for the design works

The download link for a PDF document containing the terms of reference for the design works of a cooling system and a heat pump

Please send the appropriate form with any additional information to and we shall contact you as soon as possible.

We can assist you with your projects in the following sectors:

  • food industry
  • fishing industry
  • fishing industry
  • electronics industry
  • mechanical engineering
  • shipbuilding and maintenance
  • transport
  • logistics
  • IT and server farms
  • science and test laboratories
  • commerce
  • real estate
  • Sample projects

    Sample projects
    • Refrigeration devices for ships

      Higher requirements are applied to the equipment used in maritime conditions. For this reason, the refrigeration devices used in shipping have been designed for work under special conditions. E.g. the compressors utilize special solutions that ensure its lubrication and reinforced crankshafts that ensure its reliability under the most straining conditions.

      We install and maintain the following refrigeration devices for ships:

      • compressors
      • condensers
      • oil coolers
      • containers
      • reinforcements
      • automation
      • heat exchangers
      Refrigeration devices for ships
      Refrigeration devices for ships
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    • Cold stores and storage compartments

      In the design and installation of cold stores and storage compartments, we are guided by the “turn-key” principle! In accordance with the terms of reference, we design and manage all of the stages of design and production in constant co-operation with the customer and the appropriate authorities.

      The major customers in the field of cold store and storage compartment construction are the meat, fish, vegetable and fruit processing and storage companies, as well as dairy, baking and beer industries.

      In design work and selection of materials, we follow the clean environment principle by offering only environmentally-friendly products to our customers. We only use ammonia that is harmless to the ozone layer and CFC-free freon as refrigerants.

      We offer high-quality polyurethane foam sandwich-panels for the construction of cold stores and compartments. The compartments shall be constructed as full sets, i.e. we supply all of the required insulation panels for the walls, ceilings and floors, which have been specially produced in accordance with the requirements of the specific project and the contracting entity.

      In addition, we supply and install the doors, air curtains, lighting, insulation for the compartment floor, etc. for the cold compartments.

      Cold stores and storage compartments
      Cold stores and storage compartments
      Cold stores and storage compartments
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    • Cooling devices for server rooms

      We offer different cooling devices with a capacity of 0,5 to 25,000 kw:We offer different cooling devices with a capacity of 0,5 to 25,000 kw:

      • climate control devices for server and telecommunications rooms
      • cooling convectors, cartridges, panels
      • water coolers, heat pumps
      • absorption water coolers
      • fully-hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors
      • condensers, oil coolers, oil separators

      We act as the representative of the Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & it cooling systems S.p.A, which owns long-term experience in the manufacturing of water coolers and conditioning equipment. The company has developed a special product range, which utilizes free cooling. The whole water cooling device is installed on the roof of a building, and in case of low outside temperatures, outside air is utilized for cooling. Such a technology enables the saving of thousands of kilowatts per year. Most of the telecommunications and server rooms across Europa have been equipped with the precision air conditioners produced by the RC Group. The devices that are in accordance with the specific IT technology requirements guarantee exact temperatures and humidity control.

      Cooling devices for server rooms
      Cooling devices for server rooms
      Cooling devices for server rooms
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    • Technological piping

      We install the following technical systems:

      • installation, repair and modification of pressure containers for refrigeration and cooling systems with a maximum working pressure of 20 bar, capacity of 6m³ and min working temperature of -50°C and the accompanying pipes with a maximum diameter of 280 mm
      • rust-free and acid-proof piping for different technologies: dairy, juice and ice cream pipes, compressed air, etc.
      • heating systems and central pipes
      • regeneration systems and residual heat piping
      Technological piping
      Technological piping
      Technological piping
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    • Industrial refrigeration devices and heat pumps

      Our range of products covers the whole industrial refrigeration system:Our range of products covers the whole industrial refrigeration system:

      • multi-stage screw and reciprocating compressors
      • evaporative condensers and cooling towers
      • plate rapid freezers
      • tunnel and spiral rapid freezers
      • ice machines
      • pressure containers, receivers, pumps
      • shell and tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers
      • cooling batteries and air coolers
      • fluid coolers and freezers for food and fluid production lines
      • pressure piping and reinforcements
      • air separators

      The energy consumption of industrial companies affects the whole surrounding environment, which is why our objective during the design of systems and the selection of devices is the achievement of an effective system with a minimum energy consumption. As a rule, the systems are completely automated. Where possible, we recommend to utilize the residual heat generated with the operation of a refrigeration device.

      Industrial refrigeration devices and heat pumps
      Industrial refrigeration devices and heat pumps
      Industrial refrigeration devices and heat pumps
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